Since 1974


About us

Nachmann s.r.l.s.u. is an Italian firm based in Milan, founded in 1974. The company manufactures and distributes specialty chemicals for plastics, composite materials and greases / lubricants. It also operates in the industrial chemical sector with special additives and raw materials for different applications such as paints, coatings & inks, adhesives, foundry and rubber.


The company has both a production facility and a modern warehouse nearby the city of Milan. Nachmann S.r.l.s.u. mainly supplies either specialty chemicals on behalf of reliable Partner and unique additives manufactured by innovative and modern technologies. Innovation and customer service are the main and most important company’s strengths along with a deep market knowledge that makes Nachmann s.r.l.s.u. a preferred and reliable supplier of unique chemical solutions.

Nachmann S.r.l.s.u. has been certified since 1997 according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 and dedicates particular care to ecological and safety regulations in compliance with the highest standards.

The common efforts, commitment and customers’ support represent a daily challenge to achieve a mutual success.

An internal highly qualified R&D staff constantly seeks knowledge to develop, design and enhance Nachmann’s products, services, technologies or processes through a tailor made technical support. Your satisfaction is our most important goal!
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locandina NEWFOAM
Innovate & Serve the Customer


Nachmann’s main objective is to be identified as a reliable and efficient partner for each customer and supplier involved in the company’s business network.


Nachmann does not want to become only a service provider but moreover a real “Partner” able to improve and strengthen its daily commitment by collaborating promptly and effectively with each of the actor included in the workflow process.


Nachmann’s imperative is to act transparently and ethically to properly serve the customers’ needs. The people who are constantly devoted to an healthy and honest company’s growth are the biggest and most precious source… and Nachmann does care much about its employees!