Anti-blocking Silica

Description and technical specifications

Synthetic silica used as anti – blocking additive for plastic films and sheets. Nachmann distributes synthetic silica produced by Silysiamont, important Italian company based in Pescara. Silysiamont results of a joint venture between Solvay and Fuji Silysia Chemical.

The Silysiamont silica are amorphous products having high purity and porosity, products are suitable for contact with food in accordance with European (10/2011) and American (FDA) regulations.

Grades with surface treatments are available; such treatment can be performed physically by coating the silica particles with additives in order to improve the dispersion of the silica into the plastics.

How to Use

The Synthetic Silica (powder or masterbatch form) can be added during the extrusion, usually to produce films or sheets. Polyolefin and other technical polymers like polycarbonate, PC, PET and PMMA are the most important materials that need an anti-blocking effect when they are used to produce films or sheets. The anti-blocking silica can be also added only in the co-extrusion layer in order to reduce the total amount of the additive.

The percentages of use on the single layer are approximately between 0.3% and 1.0% depending on the effect to be obtained and the desired degree of transparency.

Immagine divisa in cinque parti di Silice anti-blocking

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