Cleaning Compounds for extruders and injection molding machines

Description and technical specifications

Cleaning Compound for extruders and injection molding machines. NACHMANN distributes in Italy the SUPERNOVA cleaning compounds manufactured by ENGINEERING CHEMICALS. SUPERNOVA is a cleaning material for extruders and injection molding machines, odorless and easy to use.

It is made of a mixture of detergents with chemical and polishing action combined with a blowing agent to clean all areas inside the cylinder with a minimum quantity of product.

SUPERNOVA is available as a compound ready to use or as an additive concentrate to be mixed with the polymer.

SUPERNOVA is made from non-toxic components and it’s suitable for machineries used to produce plastics that come in contact with food. The regular use of SUPERNOVA allows the customer to keep under control the presence of carbon spots that can be found into the plastic during the change of material or when you start a new production.

The goal is to save time during the above mentioned activities and reduce the quantity of polymer normally used to clean the machinery.

Moreover, the quality of the production is affected positively as the use of SUPERNOVA significantly reduces the presence of black spots (residues of burned material) in the final compound.

How to Use

Supernova grades are available in two versions: “ready to use” (compound) and concentrated (100% active substances to be mixed with virgin polymer before the usage). In both cases (ready to use and concentrated) the empty machine must be load with SUPERNOVA after having expelled all the processed plastic material. The hot detergent acts for a few minutes expanding into the machine.

The final purging removes all the residues of burned plastic into the extruder or injection molding machine. The operation may be performed one or more times depending on the level of impurities to be cleaned.

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