Flame retardants for engineering plastics (available in powder form or 100% pure dust free granules)

Description and technical specifications

Flame retardants in powder form, based on single active substances or mixtures of different molecules, properly designed to ensure high performances in accordance with UL94.

Nachmann distributes additives for flame retardants formulations such as Zinc Borate, Zinc Stannates and Antimony Trioxide (single active substance) and produces special formulations based on mixtures of active substances and synergists in order to provide a “ready to be used” product to the end user.

Such mixtures are designed specifically for a given polymer in order to ensure maximum effectiveness without interfering with the mechanical and physical properties of the finished product. Flame retardants formulations for Polycarbonate, both halogenated and halogen free, are the most important additives manufactured by Nachmann. Nachflame PC-HF is an innovative halogen free flame retardant for Polycarbonate, especially designed to reach V0 level according to UL94 regulation. This product is suitable for transparent compounds and it’s not necessary to add any anti-dripping additive that could effect the polymer transparency.

Both single active substances and mixtures can be manufactured in granular form, dust free and 100% pure by our NDP technology (Non Dusting Products). The NDP products allow the customers to limit the emission of dust during handling phases ensuring excellent dispersion in the polymer.

How to Use

All the flame retardants (Both powder and granules) can be dosed directly into the melted polymer during the extrusion, by twin or single screw side-feeder. The products may also be mixed with the polymer to be extruded and dosed into the main mouth.

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