Hexagonal Boron Nitride

Description and technical specifications

Boron Nitride in powder form used to produce thermoplastic compounds with thermal conductive and electrical insulating properties. Boron nitride, in comparison to other materials used for the same application such as graphite, is appreciated due to its insulating properties and white color. A grade with average particle size of 30-35 microns and hexagonal planar structure is suitable to obtain thermal conductive compounds.

The product, due to its planar structure, provides to the plastic also lubricating properties, therefore it can be used also to improve the tribological properties of the polymers.

How to Use

In order to obtain thermo-conductive compounds, high percentages of boron nitride must be used. It is normally used at addition levels higher than 40%.

Immagine divisa in cinque parti di Nitruro di boro esagonale

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