Lubricant and anti-dripping PTFE powder

Description and technical specifications

Micro-powders of PTFE used to improve the tribological properties of engineering plastics; also anti-dripping grades are available for flame retardant formulations.

Our PTFE powders are obtained from 100% virgin polymer in order to ensure an excellent thermal stability and guarantee the absence of free acidity. Different particle size distributions are available depending on the final application (from 3 to 20 microns as average particle size).

We also supply an anti-dripping grade to be used in flame retardant formulations in order to reach V0 level according to UL94.

All the PTFE powders show an excellent dispersion into the resins, providing high tribological properties to the compounds and very high and constant anti- dripping effect in case of flame retardant formulations.

How to Use

The lubricant grades are generally used between 10% and 15% depending on the self-lubricant effect that can be reached.

The anti-dripping grade is generally used between 0.1% and 0.3%.

Immagine divisa in cinque parti del PTFE lubrificante ed anti goccia

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