Special Process aids, lubricants and release agents

Description and technical specifications

Process aids and release agents produced by AXEL PLASTICS. They are used to improve the extrusion process through the reduction of frictions intra-molecular and polymer / metal. They are excellent dispersing agents for pigments, fillers and inorganic fibers, helping to improve the surface appearance of the molded parts. Moreover, they act as internal release agents to facilitate the releasing of the molded finished parts. The Axel additives are based on mixtures of molecules, properly designed to ensure the best result with a specific polymer. The Axel products are available in powder or pellet, 100% pure.

For any given polymer, Axel has developed a specific formulation in order to ensure maximum compatibility and effectiveness.

How to Use

To ensure the maximum effectiveness of Axel products is necessary to increase as much as possible the contact time between the additive and resin during the extrusion process. It is therefore recommended to add the additive as close as possible to the main mouth of the extruder.

The Axel products are normally used between 0.1% and 1.0% maximum. The typical addition level is between 0.3% and 0.5%.

due brattoli di Additivi di processo, lubrificanti e distaccanti

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