Zinc Borate

Description and technical specifications

Nachmann distributes Zinc Borate (ZINFLAM) manufactured in Italy by SCL Italia S.p.A. Our standard grades, available in two different particle size distributions, are normally used as synergist and smoke suppressant in flame retardant formulation for engineering plastics and PVC. High purity grades are also available (ZINFLAM HP); they are normally used as IR radiation absorber in Polyolefins films for agriculture applications.

How to Use

Zinc Borate can be used in combination with other synergist, such as Antimony Trioxide, in flame retardant formulations based on halogenated additives. Moreover, its strong synergic effect with Antimony Trioxide allows sensible savings due to the lower cost of Zinc Borate.

Immagine divisa in cinque parti di Zinco Borato

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