Zinc Stannate and Zinc Hydroxystannate

Description and technical specifications

Nachmann distributes high purity Zinc Stannate (ZINFLAM ZS) and Zinc Hydroxystannate (ZINFLAM ZHS) manufactured in Italy by SCL Italia S.p.A.

Zinc Hydroxystannate (ZHS) and Zinc Stannate (ZS) are fine white powders, which can act as multifunctional flame-retardants and smoke-suppressants in a variety of different polymeric and polymer-based systems. Both grades are non-toxic alternatives, which can be used to completely replace antimony trioxide in formulations, whilst maintaining or improving most fire-retardant properties. In addition, the incorporation of these additives leads to significant and substantial smoke reduction.

How to Use

Zinnc Stannate can be used in engineering plastics in order to replace antimony trioxide in flame retardant formulations based on halogenated additives. Zinc hydroxystannate can replace antimony trioxide in PVC resin

Immagine divisa in cinque parti di Stannato e Idrossistannato di zinco

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